Welcome to the Suscipe Community

Assisting Disciples on the Journey

What is Suscipe?

Suscipe exists to bring together individuals who have experienced the love the Jesus Christ in their life and desire to commit their entire lives to Him to grow in their interior life through prayer, community and formation opportunities so that they can grow in the confidence that they are doing the Lord’s will in their lives and living in and through His love at every moment of every day.  

Here's What We Have Prepared For You

  1. Community - You can't make this journey alone.  Our community platform strives to support you by connecting you with others who are striving for holiness like you are!
  2. Formation Opportunities - We are continually offering opportunities for you to grow in your faith through online studies, mini-courses, etc.  
  3. Events - We offer opportunities for prayer and retreat as well as fun events like family nights!

Ready to get Serious?  Try Suscipe+

Suscipe+ is our paid membership community that brings people together to pray, learn, and support one another in our pursuit of holiness. 


 If there is any way we can help, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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